Landscaping Guides and Information

Need some information about watering your Winnipeg landscape? How about what is the importance of trees in Winnipeg? Then this is for you!

Patio & Landscape Design

All of our landscaping projects start with your goals and inspirations. We have a design and beautiful landscape to fit any budget. Our landscaping style is as unique as you. It all begins with an initial visit to your space. We get a feel for what your wants and needs are for now and the future. After the initial site visit a plan will be made to help visualize the future of your yard. Our designer will plan and provide the best materials for your project and meet with you again to go over ever detail prior to a shovel being lifted.

Sod & Soil or Seed

We have heard over and over again my lawn just needs to be replaced. We have over a decade of experience dealing with the Winnipeg Manitoba climate and all the wonders it brings us. We know the exact right materials to help repair or replace your lawn. We use high end soil blends , fertilizers with nutrients specific to your light conditions and seed that will work with your area to produce a healthy and green lawn. We use a peat based sod grown right here in Manitoba ! This ensures it is used to our climate and is strong and healthy with little travel time between the field and your yard. Sod is all Kentucky Blue Grass . This type of grass does best in full sun. Seeds come in multiple grass types to allow it to thrive in multiple light environments.

Trees, Shrubs & Grasses

All of our plants are grown right here in Manitoba and we get it right from the grower to ensure the best stock possible with the least amount of time sitting around. We are experts in knowing which plants to best where and their size at maturity. These will literally grow with you for years to come. All of our plants are carefully selected and planted in the right spot and come with a 1 year warranty . Plants are great accents for patios or decks to break up the space and embrace you in nature.

Lawn & Bed Edging

The landscape edging we use is of industrial strength with steel stakes to secure it in place. The edging is thicker , stronger and longer then the typical box store has. We dig down and secure it with a stake every 5 feet to create a solid border between your lawn and garden bed. This barrier helps to keep the grass out and decorative rocks, Mulch or soil beds in!

Stone Retaining Walls & Planters

Planters are a great accent to any space. We design and create planters and retaining walls out of a variety of materials. Natural stone retaining walls use larger natural stones to create a raised planting area or garden bed. Cortan steel is a steel that naturally rusts to create a brown tone , Brick planters and retaining walls come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures to match any space, We use wood timbers to create planters or garden beds that provide a raised space to make it easy to plant and contain the plants and shrubs. Who likes all that bending over! . We also handcraft planters for decks , patios and living spaces from cedar and reclaimed pallet wood. We assemble and deliver them right to you! We can provide the soil and plants and even plant them! Check out our planters page for online shopping and examples of all types of planters and raised garden beds.

Paving & Patio Stones

Paving and patio stones create the perfect landscaped area to really extend your living space into the outdoors. Paving stones are long lasting and come in a variety of sizes , patterns and textures. We are International Paving Stone (ICPI) certified which is an internationally recognized patio and paving stone certificate with a minimum of 10,000 square feet of paving stone installed. We have installed all types of different types and designs of patios over the last decade. If it's a big or small patio we have the experience to design and install it all ! Have a look at our paving stone projects .