Decorative Mulch

Decorative landscaping mulch is made up of wood chips and comes in a variety of colours. Mulch can be used with or without fabric weed barrier under it. Mulch breaks down over time converting back to soil therefore mulch needs to be added to or “touched up” over time. Mulch helps reduce the number of weeds in your landscape beds and helps retain moisture for your plants.

Decorative Rock

Decorative landscaping rock comes in multiple sizes. 1/4inch-1 1/2inch is most common and refers to the average size of the stones. Rock is placed over the highest grade fabric available on the market to create an area or planting bed that looks amazing and is more resistant to weeds and low maintenance as it gets! Rock pricing varies based on the type of stone chosen.

Falcon Beach Stone

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Richer Lake Stone

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River Wash Stone

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Black Granite

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Paving Stone

All of our landscaping and paving stone projects are installed to the highest industry standards and completed in the Winnipeg area. Prices vary greatly. This is due to the large amount of work it takes to install a hardscape project. Most of the work involved in hardscape projects goes into the base or foundation under the projects. We only install projects with the proper amount of base material using high end edge restraints. During our consultation we explain the process in detail. Let us show you the inspired difference today.

Barkman Navaro Paving stone winnipeg

Navaro Paving Stone

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Barkman broadway paving stone winnipeg

Broadway Paving Stone

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Barkman holland paving stone information

Holland Paving Stone

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Barkman flagstone paving stone information

Flagstone Paving Stone

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Barkman Verano Paving stone patio

Verano Paving Stone

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Barman Roman Paving stone in winnipeg

Roman Paving Stone

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Retaining Walls

Barkman retaining wall Roman Stack

Roman Stack Wall

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Barkman Retaining wall Belveder

Belvedere Dimensional Wall

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Barkman Quarry stone retaining wall

Quarry Stone Wall

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Our plants are all grown in Manitoba! This little step helps ensure the highest quality organic materials that are used to our climate and soil conditions. We have been working in the Manitoba landscaping industry for over 10 years. This experience helps us pick the plants that will work best for our harsh climate. We understand the growth rates and care that plants require. Our landscape plans are designed with the future in mind. This means that the spacing of your plants is there for them to grow and fill out your outdoor space in the years to come. If you would like to purchase plants visit our partners at plants to you . They deliver the same nursery quality plants right to your door.